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Sleeping Positions

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Topic: Sleeping Positions
Posted By: bouncethruit
Subject: Sleeping Positions
Date Posted: 12áJuná2012 at 7:35pm
I am due to have my next endoscopy next week (20/06/12), had fundo done last October (2011), my doc thinks that the wrap may have come undone.
Anyway, all I know is that the position I sleep in really appears to affect the amount of pain/discomfort I feel the next day from my oesophagus and under my collar bone (prickly sensation - feels like I'm being stung internally and everything feels really inflamed.)
No matter what medication I take, nothing alleviates the pain.
I find the one position which makes life sweet is if I sleep really elevated, otherwise, everything becomes husky and I cough a lot.
Is this normal?


Posted By: jcombs99
Date Posted: 12áJuná2012 at 8:33pm
Sorry B but that's not normal .Mine lasted like one week, it could be the wrap OR the HH came back in my case .You will know next week so go to a max dose(ask DOC) on the PPis so he can see your O (not blood red).. I'm very sorry I have 5 holes in me too and 3 months of being carefull for NO GAIN ..Sleep setting up till the doc gets a good looksee then you will know for sure .Post what he finds ......Should be PPI's for you like me I'm on 60mg lets hope for something better !!!!!!!!!


Posted By: chrisrob
Date Posted: 13áJuná2012 at 8:07am
Hi Bouncethruit,

Before I had my fundoplication, sleeping position was very important to me, too.
Although often lying on my back was the most comfortable position, I daren't do it for more than a few minutes as it would mean I'd aspirate refuxate and spend hours (literally) coughing.

Lying on your left side is the best position for GORD sufferers as the oesophageal junction with the cardia of the stomach is to the right.

Even now, if I have too big a meal too close to retiring, I sometimes feel as if my stomach is full of lead and pulling downwards to the bed.

All the best


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Posted By: bouncethruit
Date Posted: 21áJuná2012 at 4:12pm
Thankyou so much for your replies.

I find the advice I'm given here very, very helpful indeed. I tell people at work that I have Barrett's Oesophagus and they just say to me "what's that?"

I had my third endoscopy yesterday, this time with sedation which really helps tremendously. I realise the importance of that little camera going down my inflamed oesophagus letting them see the evidence of the fire and brimstone I have had to live with for the past couple of years. Anyway, good news was that the large amounts of Omeprazole, Ranitidine and anti-reflux Domperidone appear to be holding my condition at bay, I have only progressed from one cm two years ago now to two cms!!!

Following advice I have read here, I too have recently started taking one Omep. and Ranit. every two hours and I find that they appear to working far more effectively rather than taking on big dose twice a day, controlling my pain in my oesophagus.

If they are not going to control my Barrett's effectively then there is no point in me taking them, so now I'm making them work for their money!

I am not sure but I have the feeling that the Domperidone may be contributing to my mild gastritis I am experiencing? A friend of mine used to be a nursing sister and she has advised me to take Gaviscon for that.

Apparently my wrap is still in place, so now I would guess that it is perhaps a little too loose which is still allowing reflux up. I am going to have more tests to see how much is coming up ("something" swallow test and another PH down the back of the nose test.)

I actually saw five pictures taken during the endoscopy and they were a bit upsetting. I think I have dark red scar tissue plus I can see a new area developing which is starting to change colour.

Can anyone please advise me, what does ASA status mean?

Hanging on in there!    


Posted By: bouncethruit
Date Posted: 21áJuná2012 at 4:20pm
PS, I think the size of your meals and the time you eat also affect your reflux after a fundo. I keep calm and keep elevated from about 7pm onwards, the calmer you remain also seems to affect the reflux.

I find the amendment to my medication and my new sleeping position on my left-hand side means I once again feel like a human being the next morning.



Posted By: jcombs99
Date Posted: 21áJuná2012 at 5:37pm
   Dark Red should be the barretts and if it's growing you have to CHANGE something to stop it(how long will it be in 10 years ?)...That's great your taking more tests and if your doctor lets you do them on drugs, it should show if your on the correct dose or night reflux..   

Posted By: bouncethruit
Date Posted: 21áJuná2012 at 8:45pm
Taking your comment on board 100%. I tell my family (and my work colleagues) that the steps I take today are insurance against further problems in the future which I so desperately want to avoid.

I also intend to drop some weight, I'm not all that big now, but I think people (including me) don't realise how much fat they accrue around their abdomin, which isn't healthy for anyone.

Just off now to take another dose of omep+ranit and then peacefully, hopefully read a good book.

Had a pain free day today = (bliss)!!!
Will keep on postin'
Cheers, GillyX


Posted By: Sandra W
Date Posted: 22áJuná2012 at 10:02am
Hi Gilly,
You asked about ASA status.  It's a classification system of general physical condition - full details at this link: -
Hope this helps.
Best wishes, 


Posted By: jcombs99
Date Posted: 22áJuná2012 at 6:26pm
I love how the NHS quotes anything they like but disses anything they don't .Even though we have 3x amount of people and a vast amount of data they still want to do trails to find out about the same data .I'm a Stage 6 on that scale.

Posted By: bouncethruit
Date Posted: 26áJuná2012 at 5:37pm
Thankyou for your replies, Thanks to Sandra W about the information about the meaning of "ASA Status."

I think you can't really empathise unless you've experienced this stuff yourself.

I'm trying to figure out any other ways (apart from that old potato - "eat less") to make my Barett's shrink back smaller, although I don't fancy swallowing and living off ice cubes for the rest of my life!   


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