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Barretts and Alcohol and Stress

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Topic: Barretts and Alcohol and Stress
Posted By: Jstoner
Subject: Barretts and Alcohol and Stress
Date Posted: 15†Jan†2012 at 12:46am
I am new to Barretts. My doctor did a endoscopy thursday and informed me of his findings. He took a biopsy to confirm his findings. I know that mine was caused by stress. I've had my own business for the last ten years and it has taken its toll on me. This is the last straw for me. I've decided to sell my business. What I want know is the following:   I've read various articles correlating Alcohol to increased cancer risk. I just want a couple of glasses of champagne a day. Have any of your doctors blessed moderate champagne or white wine daily?   
One last question: A friend of mine suggest I drink marijuana tea for relaxation. Has anyone heard about the effects of marijuana tea? Thanks

Posted By: jcombs99
Date Posted: 15†Jan†2012 at 12:54pm
Don't rush into anything .I was up till very late dealing with crooks getting a furnace fixed...Times are very hard now so if your making money keep it just take more vactions and TRY not to get upset..I'm sure my dealing caused my barretts so try to lighten up forget the tea and be happy your not on that cruise ship ..Take your PPi's......


Posted By: chrisrob
Date Posted: 15†Jan†2012 at 1:29pm
Hi Jack and welcome,

If you have identified stress as the main causal factor of your reflux problems, have you tried stress management?

Alcohol is generally thought to relax the lower oesophageal sphincter and oesophageal muscles making reflux easier and peristalsis harder. However, there have been some contradictory findings in research. - This page has details.
I suggest you conduct your own experiments to see whether you experience reflux more when you drink it or not.

I do not know of any research that looks at the effects of marijuana and reflux but did find - this discussion.

I would have thought marijuana would have had a similar effect on the LOS as alcohol which would aid reflux rather than restrict it.

All the best


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Posted By: Jstoner
Date Posted: 15†Jan†2012 at 3:46pm
Thanks. It's kinda hard to relax at the moment. I cannot drink or anything.   My wife and I normally go to the Islands but to just go and sit and look at the water is not fun for me. You work all of your life to be able to do things these things and now you can't. It's weird though because along with the drinking on vacation, I alway return feeling very relaxed. I know that I cannot go the rest of my life without drinking. I am not a heavy drinker, far from it. I generally walk 6 to 7 miles a day and do not drink at all. As I stated, I just want to feel good about having a couple of glasses of wine a day.

Posted By: Jstoner
Date Posted: 15†Jan†2012 at 4:08pm
Thanks Chris. I have tried for years to manage the stress.
What about the reports linking alcohol to its direct correlation to esophageal cancer?

Posted By: Jstoner
Date Posted: 15†Jan†2012 at 5:48pm
Thanks Chris. I have tried for years to manage the stress.
What about the reports linking alcohol use to its adverse relationship regarding esophageal cancer?

Posted By: chrisrob
Date Posted: 15†Jan†2012 at 5:53pm
The first link I provided above: -
talks of the links between alcohol and GORD which can lead to cancer ultimately.

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Posted By: farnandosalmari
Date Posted: 19†Aug†2019 at 6:11pm
Hi Jstoner! Well I've tried to read about CBD and cancer.

Have you heard of Tammy Levantís story on News Channel 8? She didn't want to undergo conventional procedures so she looked for alternative medicines to cure her. She ended up being cancer free and she claims that it's all because of Cannabis oil.

Posted By: chrisrob
Date Posted: 19†Aug†2019 at 6:27pm
Sorry farnandosalmari, that's a load of codswallop.
There is much research into cannabis and it won't heal cancer.
My wife's son, an oncologist, hears these "miracle" claims daily. He has patients die because they eschew convential tried and proven medication in favour of this quackery.

Since I posted links to alcohol a few years ago, I have been looking into it further and there has been much, more recent, research.
Alcohol is fine for Barrett's. In fact some studies have shown there may actually be some benefit.
See - this Extra chapter for the Down With Acid encyclopaedia.

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Posted By: farnandosalmari
Date Posted: 27†Aug†2019 at 8:50am
Hi chrisrob! My friend is suffering from stress and CBD oil is helping him! I don't know if it can cure cancer, but it definitely helps with stress! Good luck Jstoner!

Posted By: farnandosalmari
Date Posted: 29†Aug†2019 at 2:35pm
I came across this article recently I think you'll find it useful for your Jstoner disease! Good luck

Posted By: chrisrob
Date Posted: 29†Aug†2019 at 4:15pm
Word f warning. The - Formula Swiss site is a sales site. It doesn't offer any reliable peer-reviewed research. - This information from Cancer Research UK , however, does look at all the research ongoing in this field.

Whereas medical use of cannabis has been approved in UK, it's for pain relief in chronic cases such as Multiple Sclerosis. Although some association has been claimed with reduction in growth of some cancers, that's not been replicated. On the contrary, cancer has been linked to an increase in testicular cancer.

This paper published in Nature yesterday, - Weighing the dangers of cannabis warns of potential harm from Cannabinoid use. Since it has not been subject to the rigorous testing of conventional medication, it's too early to say what safe uses there may be.

One thing is certain, however, there is no evidence that cbd oil has ever cured cancer let alone oesophageal adenocarcinoma.

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