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Can Barretts be reversed?

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Topic: Can Barretts be reversed?
Posted By: suehyp
Subject: Can Barretts be reversed?
Date Posted: 09áJaná2012 at 10:13am
Hi everyone
I've just been diagnosed with dysplasia and not a lot of symptoms either (they were looking for celiac disease because of a very low folate level and no-one has suggested a link between the two???)
I'd just like to know....if my hernia was repaired and it was successful and the acid stopped refluxing....could the oesophagus repair itself, so take away the risk of cancer?
Also, I can't afford Halo at the moment but could afford annual checks on the Barretts, can anyone suggest a private hospital/doctor/technician for that?

Posted By: chrisrob
Date Posted: 09áJaná2012 at 10:49am
Hi again,

Barrett's doesn't heal itself.
Although I had the anti-reflux, and hiatus hernia repair surgery, nearly three years ago, I know I still have Barrett's (and probably have had for at least 17 years) and will have my next 2-yearly scope probably in April to tell me how it looks - it could still progress to dysplasia.

If you do want to have extra scopes, it is very likely the gastroenterologist you are under on NHS also works privately (most do) either at a nearby private hospital or within private wards in your local NHS hospital. If you are happy with him, you could ask him?

Otherwise, you could search on the BUPA site, find a gastroenterologist in your area and speak with him?


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