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Halo RFA Featured on Scottish TV

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Topic: Halo RFA Featured on Scottish TV
Posted By: gblyth
Subject: Halo RFA Featured on Scottish TV
Date Posted: 21áJuná2010 at 8:40pm
Dear All

The following News Story featuring Halo RFA was shown on TV over the father's day period. It features Consultant surgeon Grant Fullarton who performs procedures each month at the Glasgow Royal Infirmary and privately at the BMI Ross Hall Hospital. - Click here to watch the TV feature - Click here to visit BMI Ross Hall Website

Cancer treatment hailed as 'Holy Grail'

A new treatment for a type of cancer where Scotland has the highest number of cases in the world is being called the Holy Grail in the search for a cure.

Cancer of the gullet is particularly aggressive but if caught early enough, patients can be given a revolutionary treatment now available on the NHS, which guarantees a cure.

Oesophageal cancer is aggressive and it kills, usually within a year.

It can affect anyone, however middle class and middle age men are particularly vulnerable. But now there is a cure.

Consultant surgeon Grant Fullarton said: "What we have now is a treatment which can prevent cancer. It's fantastically exciting, we've
never had anything like it before.

"In my surgical career, it's always been the Holy Grail if you like and to have something like this now is just so exciting for us and everybody involved in it, the whole team, are incredibly excited by this development.

If caught early enough, in the pre-cancerous stage - called Barrett's oesophagus - successful treatment involves using high frequency radio waves to blast malignant cells.

They are killed off and the body replaces them naturally with healthy new cells which are completely free from cancer.

Now the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence which makes recommendations to the NHS on new and existing medicines and procedures has given this treatment the green light, which means it is available to everyone.

Oesophageal cancer can also be hereditary so it came as no surprise to father and son Alistair and Gordon MacMillan when they were both diagnosed with pre cancerous stage.

Both suffered from heartburn, a common symptom, but they have been treated successfully and are living life to the full.

Gordon MacMillan said: "I got it done on the Tuesday, a week and a half before my stag do, and I was fully recovered in time for the stag do the weekend after, so it just gives you an indication of how quick you can get on and get it done and recover in time.

Alistair MacMillan said: "There was no way I was not going to get it done. I've got absolutely no problems at all with worrying what could happen because it's been nipped in the bud."

The unit itself is mobile and its relatively cheap at ú30 000. But for smart technology that is saving lives, its makes economic

Grant Fullarton added: "We've never had any treatment ever which has shown a decrease in oesophageal cancer development so this, I can't stress how important this is in the field of oesophageal cancer.

In the last 15 years, Scotland has seen a 500% increase in the rate of oesophageal cancer, so the eyes of the world are watching results of this treatment very carefully.

I would like to declare that I am a director of SynMed Limited the company that distributes the Halo Treatment from Barrx Medical in the UK.

Geoffrey Blyth

Posted By: RonMac
Date Posted: 22áJuná2010 at 5:10am
Great for us, that we stay within a relatively short distance from this in Scotland! (I am within 3 miles!)

Definitely seems to be an amazing advance in treating Barretts, and happy to see it getting the green light for NHS access.

Thanks for posting link.



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Posted By: gblyth
Date Posted: 22áJuná2010 at 8:43pm
Hi RonMac

There is a trial using RFA to treat LGD as opposed to surveillance. The SURF TRIAL. If you actually have LGD then you might want to consider taking part in this trial at Glasgow Royal.

I would like to declare that I am a director of SynMed Limited the company that distributes the Halo Treatment from Barrx Medical in the UK.

Geoffrey Blyth

Posted By: susan333
Date Posted: 23áJuná2010 at 7:03pm
Wonder if you can clarify something for me please. If the treatment is used in the "pre cancerous stage" how can there be any "malignant cells" to treat? I may be wrong, but I always thought malignant cells meant cancerous cells. Is the treatment for people who only have Barrett's oesophagus as well as for those with cancerous cells?
The treatment is not something I had considered because I thought it was for people whose Barrett's had progressed to cancer, but now I am not sure if it would be worth considering to prevent cancer?

Posted By: chrisrob
Date Posted: 23áJuná2010 at 7:24pm
The way I see it, simply, is this.
In a "worst case scenario", the oesophagus starts as "squamous" (all soft and pink). Then it gets attacked by acid and bile and puts up defences by changing to be like the intestine: Barrett's. But it may not stop there. It can continue mutating (Low Grade Dysplasia) and then on to High Grade Dysplasia and then on to Oesophageal adenocarcinoma (cancer).

The HGD stage can be variously described as "pre" cancerous or the first, very low form of cancer (using the "T" grading scales of cancer, probably a "T0" - not actually called cancer until it is at least "T1".

The HALO device can remove the HGD cells and new squamous ones will grow to replace them: result = cancer gone!

NICE now approves HALO for HGD and some trials are permitted where HALO may be used for LGD - but routine HALO treatment of LGD is not yet approved.

That's my take on the situation at present but am open to correction.


Posted By: jcombs99
Date Posted: 23áJuná2010 at 9:43pm
The best I think is ABNORMAL CELLS , WHO WOULD WANT THAT IN HIS BODY AT ALL .So what you do is ablate BEFORE it gets worse (halo,CRYO,pdt ect...)....They are now using halo to ablate ABNORMAL cells in woman BEfore they change to cancer ..
   The reason I ablated my barrettes is because I didn't want to worry about cancer fot the next 10 years . But I didn't have just barrettes I had HGD...(gone)
The man across the street from me has BARRETTES but I think he will find out he has SOMETHING MUCH WOREST .


Posted By: Cork
Date Posted: 25áJuná2010 at 5:38pm
I have Barrett's but no dysplasia and do not have any reflux that I am aware of but acid must have caused the problem. If I had the HALO op.and the Barrett's was cured what is there to stop this reoccurring ?

Posted By: mikeg
Date Posted: 27áJuná2010 at 11:17am

The report gives the impression that if you have any form of Barretĺs you are entitled and probably could benefit  from Halo treatment on the NHS.


This is not  the case if you have low grade or no dysplasia. Then there is a risk of progression to cancer but I feel the report should have stated that patients in this group need to be monitored, the guidelines are that  if it  progresses to HGD should they consider HALO.


Because of this omission I feel this report is not that credible.

However I must add that Halo gives us all confidence that the consultants now have a good weapon to attack HGD in their amoury !

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