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Follow up from Barrett's foundation meeting (UCLH)

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Topic: Follow up from Barrett's foundation meeting (UCLH)
Posted By: pierre
Subject: Follow up from Barrett's foundation meeting (UCLH)
Date Posted: 26 Jan 2007 at 5:16pm
Following the successful meeting, we have set up this forum so that researchers and health professionals involved in Barrett's can share their ideas.
So please join in the forum!

Posted By: blessedtobehere
Date Posted: 25 Feb 2007 at 12:54am
i am not a health care proffessional but after years of suffering and the doctor telling me to lose weight and eat low fat meals and giving me stuff like gaviscon i researched my symptoms myself and then had to threaten to sue him if he didnt send me for a scope to check out what was wrong. first scope said i had barretts with dysplasia. i had also hd heliobactor pylori and a hiatus hernia. I was right and the doctor was wrong and still made very little of the fact that i had barretts oesophagus. a year later at surveillance showed cancer cells and thus began my 6weeks of tests then surgery.#
health proffessionals often know less than thoswe of us with the problems. my doctor was told i would likely be dead now if i had not had surgrey when i did.
everyone with persistant acid reflux that does not respond to drugs should be thoutoughly checked.
I had to threaten to sue before i got care as my doctor said he stuck to the guidelines. in the case of adenocarcinoma by the time the qualifying symptoms appear the cancer hs often spread and its too late for anything but palliative care.
i know more than my GP and he and i now discuss my care and he shows me respect which was lacking before. so please all you guys..LISTEN TO THE could save lives.

Posted By: Davidj
Date Posted: 06 Mar 2007 at 12:44pm
Hi All Doctors,Researchers and other interested parties
Can I please bring to your attention that our AGM is being held at Roehampton Club, SW15 5LR, on Saturday 17th March 2.00pm to 4.00pm.  There will be several very interesting speakers and it will be a good time to meet with patients and other interested people.  Can I urge you to let your patients/colleagues know.
There is no charge and I am sure that all who attend will find it worthwhile.
I can be contacted on -

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