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Waiting to find out results 36yrs old female

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Topic: Waiting to find out results 36yrs old female
Posted By: poppy1972
Subject: Waiting to find out results 36yrs old female
Date Posted: 10 Oct 2009 at 10:31pm
 I'm new to all of this.  I am waiting to find out if i do indeed have Barretts, although from the photos i have from my Gastoscopy and the fact my consultant mentioned Barretts on several occassions i will not be surprised to find that i do have this condition.
I've read up loads on the internet and cannot find anywhere anyone who has this condition at my age.  I am 36 have had heartburn continually for tthe past 20 months during my last pregnancy and for the preceeding 16months.  I was diagnoised with acid reflux cough during pregnancy and told just to take Gaviscon.  The cough cleared on delivery of my daughter but the heartburn continued, to this day. 
 I have been back it on numerous occassions to the doctors and each time been fobbed off with "it will pass, its due to pregnancy"  it was only because i insisted that i get some better tablets that i was given lansaprole for 3 months to see if the condition improved - which it did.  When i stopped taking the medication the symtoms returned within days.  It was at this point that i went back to the doctors and insisted on a referral which they would not do under the NHS as the GP just wanted me to take the tablets and control the condition.
 Thank god i had private medical insurance.  I have had a gastoscopy this week and was advised that the entrance to my stomach does not close atall, lots of biopsies were taken which i am awaiting the results of, there is a lot of red around the entrance to my stomach visible on the photos which the consultant has pointed out to me.  So you can imagine how worried i am by all of this.
I cannot believe that i can get all of these problems at 36 from pregnancy, anyone else in the same boat or age
best wishes to everyone

Posted By: karenjayne
Date Posted: 10 Oct 2009 at 11:28pm
Hi there
Your story is exactly the same as mine, pregnancy eh???????????  I found out I had barretts several months ago.  I am also 2 weeks post op for a fundoplication, which has been wonderful as I no longer have any symptomsSmile.
I was really shocked to find out that I Barretts.  I was scared and cross that I have has reflux for 5 years before anyone took me seriously.  Prehaps this could have been prevented, but I will never know now.  I have now come to terms with it ( I think) and just hope that it will get no worse now I have been operated on.
Keep your chin  up and be glad that if you do have Barretts, that they have found and can keep and eye on it.
Karen xxx

Posted By: poppy1972
Date Posted: 14 Oct 2009 at 11:13am
Hi Karen
Many thanks for your reply, sorry for slow reply, but the baby has been ill this week so had plently to do, and havent managed to get onto the internet.
Glad to hear that your op has been successful,  what stage Barretts do you have? and where in the country are you (just being nosey), I'm in Bedfordshire.
Pregnancy certainly has alot to answer for, definately makes you think twice about having any more, and no one every tells you about these sort of problems. 
I had that Winter Vomiting virus when i was 3 months pregnant followed by a really bad cold which is when all of this started.  The cough was horrific and made me sick and lasted till i gave birth.  I have also had problems with my pelvic floor from the pregnancy and am now wondering if ths is all connected. 
I was doing a bit of research on the web over the weekend and reading up on the relaxin in our bodies during pregnancy and they say all the bodies muscles relax including the internal ones, which now answers the question on how and why, looks like in my case the relaxin has switched of my sphincter muscle complete as it is just open and will never close.
What a lovely subject?
I go back on the 4th November for my results, which seems ages away, and this is constantly on my mind now. 
Take care and keep in touch, if you want to chat off this site, then let me know and i'll give you my email address

Posted By: chrisrob
Date Posted: 14 Oct 2009 at 6:51pm
Hi Poppy

Just to wish you all the best. Hope the news on November 4th is good
Meanwhile, we're all happy to help with any advice or support we can offer.

The cough is indeed a common symptom of reflux. PPIs and other meds may control the acid but not the reflux. My cough didn't go until after I too had a fundoplication operation.

There is a suggestion that reflux "rebounds" if you stop taking medication: -


Posted By: NonMarkovian
Date Posted: 21 Oct 2009 at 7:34pm
Hi poppy - guess what? I'm younger than you!

35, male, just been diagnosed with Barrett's, no dysplasia. Non drinker, non smoker, skinny guy too. So really, against all odds.

I had a brief coughing situation myself three years ago, when coughing I would feel a pain in my chest, which was attributed to GERD. I took some PPIs for a bit and it went away, and never gave it a second thought until a few weeks ago when I had some pretty strong symptoms (dysphagia mostly). Had the endoscopy and got the diagnosis of short segments of Barrett's.

So, just bear in mind that while from what I read the median age at diagnosis is in the 60s, there are some spring chickens around. And best wishes for the results.

Posted By: Rodrigo Ribeiro
Date Posted: 29 Oct 2009 at 6:19pm
Hi Poppy and friends
My conditions: Male, 37 years old, beer drinking once in a while...But on the weekends I used to take a nap just after having lunch. I felt heart burn during 2 years, but used to take anti acids. Three months ago I was diagnosed with Barretts metaplasia. Now I am using lansoprazol 30 mg per day, waiting for my next endoscopy with biopses on next Nov 03rd. Then, I will see my Doctor to see what treatment to do, or surgery. My biopsies three months ago showed only metaplasia, no dysplasia, fortunately. Thanks God.
Best wishes,

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