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Reflux surgery

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Topic: Reflux surgery
Posted By: Lorraine Bolton
Subject: Reflux surgery
Date Posted: 06áJaná2020 at 10:31am
I am due to have reflux surgery 2nd time around february. I am concerned as have been told that second time is much harder to do and less successful. Also how do I know who is a good surgeon? To be honest I am very wary of who does it. I would like to be referred to another surgeon for 2nd opinion. I was getting very frequent chest infections which seem to have decreased over the last year and the reason I was referred for surgery.any help would be much appreciated. Has anyone had dr. Adamo for surgery? I could go to any london hospitals. Thank you.

Posted By: chrisrob
Date Posted: 07áJaná2020 at 12:49pm
Hi Lorraine and welcome to the forum.

Best wishes for your "refundo". I don't know stats for less successful. Those I know ho have had a revision, including me, have been pretty satisfied.

It will depend upon the sKill of the surgeon and your own internal "architecture". By that I mean how much oesophagus protrudes below the diaphragm etc and what remains from previous wrap (eg scar tissue).

Although I know gastrointestinal consultants in London, I don't actually know any of the surgeons. I have heard of Marco Adamo who appears to be a competent surgeon.

My own fundo wrap I had done 12 years ago came loose after 5 hours of violent retching from norovirus some years ago and I had revision surgery in 2014 at Southampton where we have some excellent surgeons.
My surgeon decided to perform a Collis-Nissen, which is his surgery of choice, particularly for a revision.
The Collis bit is a resection of the stomach to effect a longer oesophagus below the diaphragm to permit a better Nissen wrap. It does require a skilled surgeon and takes longer but is more permanent.

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