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20mg PPi every other day - Symptoms

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Topic: 20mg PPi every other day - Symptoms
Posted By: nasdaq
Subject: 20mg PPi every other day - Symptoms
Date Posted: 17 Dec 2019 at 7:56pm

I was diagnosed with Barretts about 3cm through a 3 months coughing in summer 2018 . First the believed it is asthma - the asthma sprays did not help it to improve. The coughing disappeared to 95% as I started with PPI 40mg.

After my first EGD when the Barrett was diagnosed my doc told me to take 20mg Pantoprazole.

I did this over one year until my next EGD this August. Everything was fine. No esophagitis - Barretts unchanged.

As I don't feel heartburn he told me to reduce the PPi to 20mg every other day.

Started this about 1 month ago. I had no symptoms - just a very, very little cough sometimes which I also had when I took 20mg every day. My main symptoms is not the cough but a feeling like a burning in the lung - but very little.

Now, after one month my cough is getting worse- burning too. Not a big problem yet - but I feel sometime uncomfortable.

Is it possible that my symptoms are from the acid which take over a month until I feel it in my lungs? I don't feel any heartburn nor regurgitation.
In the morning I feel well and do my sports without problems.

Should I go back to 20mg every day or can this be an asthma related problem ?

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