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Late follow up screening appointment

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Topic: Late follow up screening appointment
Posted By: Chadcombe
Subject: Late follow up screening appointment
Date Posted: 11†Oct†2019 at 8:57am
Just wondered if anyone else can shed some light on this . I was diagnosed with B/E Sep 2017, ND thankfully . I was told Iíd be followed up with a re- scope after 2 years. Am I concerned unduly as its now over 2 years with no appointment ? Have the follow-ups been extended does anyone know? Iím in Gloucestershire .. appreciate any feedback , donít want to worry unnecessarily ! Best wishes to everyone ..

Posted By: chrisrob
Date Posted: 11†Oct†2019 at 9:47am

I suggest you phone and ask to speak to the endoscopy secretary to make sure you haven't been forgotten or a letter hasn't gone astray in the post.

It is quite possible you've been put on 3 year surveillance but they'd normally have let you know. - Guidelines may be found here.
If you have Long segment (> 3cm), intervals are recommended at 2-3 years; short segment (< 3cm) intervals recommended at 3-5 years. Though they also take into account family history, body build, anxiety etc.

It could be they're just running behind due to excessive referrals.

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Posted By: Chadcombe
Date Posted: 11†Oct†2019 at 11:21am
Many thanks for your very helpful reply.I'll do as you suggest, will put my mind at rest.

Posted By: nasdaq
Date Posted: 12†Oct†2019 at 9:50pm
Thx - what follow up have people with 3cm - is it long or short segment ?!

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