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New here - Fundoplication advice please !

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Topic: New here - Fundoplication advice please !
Posted By: Winifred1
Subject: New here - Fundoplication advice please !
Date Posted: 09 Jun 2019 at 8:32am
Dear All,

Grateful for your advice - I'm new to this forum.

Three months ago I had Linx surgery for GORD, which was triggering asthma attacks; I had become dependent on omeprazole 40 mg to manage these. Very, very unfortunately, although I've recovered well and the dysphagia (from the op) and regurgitation (pre-op) are now gone; I have my reflux back - and am back on omeprazole 20 mg to manage my asthma. The worst symptom, which I didn't have before despite quite dramatic GORD, is a burning at the back of my throat with an unpleasant taste :( It almost feels as though my reflux has moved "up".

Seeing the surgeon on Friday - who has been very caring and professional and I'm sure he will have ideas of what we do next - I suspect a rerun of the manometry / 24 reflux monitoring. Assuming, a recurrence of symptoms is confirmed, I guess in terms of options, I either stick where I am or consider fundoplication.

Fundoplication does not have a good press and I am terrified. As I understand it, 30% end up with chronic diarrhoea (all the time?), 30-40% lose their ability to burp and 50% to vomit. And there is no guarantee that it will work and if it does, many require revision surgery within a few years! Aaargh!

Grateful for comments from this forum. An e-hug would help too as you can imagine my disappointment. :(


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