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Printed Date: 18†Aug†2019 at 11:03am

Topic: Copd
Posted By: Tcb63
Subject: Copd
Date Posted: 09†Jan†2019 at 9:40pm
Today I was diagnosed with copd the thing is I donít smoke the doctor seems baffled as to why Iíve got it , could it be caused with acid reflux .
And would surgery stop it progressing further as Iím seeing surgeon in three weeks to discuss options if any .

Posted By: nasdaq
Date Posted: 10†Jan†2019 at 9:12am
Can I ask you what leads to the diagnosis of copd? whats your symptoms? do you take medicines for your lungs? thx

Posted By: Tcb63
Date Posted: 10†Jan†2019 at 9:34am
No not yet on meds going to see doc Friday I was sent for X-rays last year due to chest pain it came back early signs of copd then Iíve started again with right side pain again so sent Monday for another X-ray this time itís back as copd but Iím a none smoker and they canít ubderstand why Iíve got it my only explanation could be reflux as Iíve got a HH as well as small segment Barrettís . Had no issues with lungs 15 months ago until HH

Posted By: chrisrob
Date Posted: 10†Jan†2019 at 10:26am
Reflux continuing full column may breach the upper oesophageal sphincter (" - Extra-Oesophageal Reflux " also known as LPR) and aspirate into the respiratory system where it may cause lung damage.

Many with acid reflux are diagnosed symptomatically with asthma, - COPD , or other lung problems. I was twice previously diagnosed with asthma and prescribed inhalers which were ineffective as the problem was actually the reflux. For me a - Fundoplication was the answer.

This paper, - Gastroesophageal reflux disease: from heartburn to Barrett esophagus, and beyond , published last September, acknowledges,
"While in the past the focus was mostly on the esophageal symptoms such as heartburn and regurgitation, today it is clear that GERD can cause extra-esophageal problems such as hoarseness, cough and chest pain."
"Patients with gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) may present with a variety of symptoms, including heartburn, regurgitation, dysphagia, chronic cough, laryngitis, or even asthma."
"A properly executed laparoscopic fundoplication controls esophageal and extra-esophageal symptoms and avoids life-long medical therapy."

Unfortunately too few doctors actually recognise the connection. They immediately think PPIs will solve all acid reflux problems when it's better to control the reflux. I believe my GP 30 years ago was one of the first to suggest a link when I told him my cough was worse when I had heartburn. He suggested that matter travelling up the oesophagus was then going down the trachea. (Quite revolutionary thinking at that time.)

Try all the - suggested lifestyle modifications to see if it helps.

------------- -

Posted By: Tcb63
Date Posted: 10†Jan†2019 at 2:54pm
Thanks Chris
I do believe itís caused by reflux Iím hoping to get surgery but itís taking a while to sort out Iím back to see surgeon on the 28 th of this month will see what he has to say about these recent results regarding the copd . I do all the said things mentioned in the lifestyle modifications section but obviously it dosnt do me a 100% of good . I certainly donít want lung problems to add to the mix as Iíve got other medical problems too . Itís all very disheartening to be honest . But I always appreciate your feed back and knowledge.

Posted By: nasdaq
Date Posted: 10†Jan†2019 at 9:04pm
What I know it is very hard to distinguish COPD from asthma.
Several tests have to be done.
My cough was very hard over 5 months - I went to gastro where my short barrett was diagnosed. I have no heartburn. He put me on 20mg PPI. My pulmonologist gave my sultanol and relvar for controlling the asthma.
During 3 month the cough went better but more problems with breathing in.
Also a lot of clearing my throat. I linked that with reflux. After consulting my pulmonologist i quit the asthma controller relvar. At the same time I started to read something about autophagy. I started in November with dinner canceling to support autophagy (14:10 or 16:8)

Now, after 2 months I experience nearly no coughing, no problems breathin in, no clearing my throat - my lung function is normal. Maybe you can give it a try with dinner canceling ...or intermittent fasting.

Posted By: Tcb63
Date Posted: 10†Jan†2019 at 9:13pm
Iím not sure fasting would be a good idea for me personally as I have other health issues too but Iím glad youíre feeling better . Iíll see what my GP says in the morning .

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