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Pain/heartburn after ablation

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Topic: Pain/heartburn after ablation
Posted By: Marengo62
Subject: Pain/heartburn after ablation
Date Posted: 06 Dec 2018 at 11:09pm
Hi everyone,

New member -- happy to find this forum.

I've had Barrett's for 30 or so years, and have checked it with semi-regularly endoscopies. The last one revealed low-grade dysplasia. I decided to have ablation to burn off the cells -- supposedly it will involve three or so sessions.

I just had the first one week ago, and for the first two or three days had minimal after-effects. But in the last few days my heartburn has ramped up tremendously, despite being on double Prilosec (80 mg/day), a Lidocaine mixture to drink and tons of antacids. Now, the heartburn -- which is the same pain I received from the reflux previously -- is near-constant and especially bad after eating.

Has anyone else experienced this kind of recovery from ablation? Thoughts on what to do other than just be in pain? (I have been talking daily to my doctor's nurse practitioner, and she has elevated this question to him directly, and I'm waiting to hear back.)

Posted By: chrisrob
Date Posted: 07 Dec 2018 at 10:06am
Hi Marengo and welcome to the forum.

Radio Frequency Ablation burns away the top layer of cells, the Barrett's cells, so I can imagine it leaves the surface quite raw whilst it heals, and particularly susceptible to irritation from foods passing over it and acid splashing back .

I have heard from a number who have had the procedure with varying amounts of pain. But I'm told the first treatment is the worst. Although painful for now it should get better as the area heals and a new squamous layer grows back.

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Posted By: Marengo62
Date Posted: 09 Dec 2018 at 12:18am
Thanks so much -- I appreciate the response.

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