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Recently diagnosed

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Topic: Recently diagnosed
Posted By: DebbieEvo
Subject: Recently diagnosed
Date Posted: 17áMará2009 at 2:23pm
I was diagnosed with Barretts in early February and have taken a little while to come to terms with things. I'm very glad I've found this forum as would like to share my experiences with other poeple and hopefully gain some knowledge relating to the condition.
One of my main concerns is my age, I am 40 and seem to be quite young to have Barretts, I'd be interested to hear from anyone of similar age. I weigh 7 1/2 stone so weight is not the issue. I also have 2 young children so would certainly like to be around to see them into adulthood!
I have had health problems for the last 3 years or so and have been under a private consultant (totally healthy before having kids!!), during which time I was diagnosed with under active thyroid and  eosophagitis. Despite medication I have continued to feel unwell.
Things came to head about 6 weeks ago when I was rushed into A&E with severe stomach pains.  I was told I was severely aneamic (blood count 7.7) and referred back to my consultant. He admitted me into hospital straightaway and I underwent numerous tests including a repeat gastroscopy which detected the Barrett's. All the other tests were clear, and I was told the Barrett's is not severe enough to cause a bleed - so they are still unsure why my blood count is so low.
After reading a post on this site it was mentioned that PPI's can stop the absorption of iron - I mentioned this to me Cons and he said "yes, that's true" . I have been taking 2x 30mg Lansoprazole for over 2 years, which I know is a high dose and have often questioned if this dose could be harmful to which I have been told - no. However this now could be the reason for my aneamia? I am due to go back to my Consultant in April but not sure where we go from here.
I feel very anxious at the moment and concerned I am never going to feel well. If anyone has had similar experiences or can provide any useful information I would be very grateful.
One final thought - why is Barretts not treated straightaway, why wait? is this due to the uncertainty of the current treatments available?
Thanks for taking time to read this.

Posted By: Moggs
Date Posted: 17áMará2009 at 5:01pm
Hi debbie
We all seem to suffer from anxiety and dpression with this esspecially when 1st diagnosed but look back on older entries in the site and you'll find it helpfull. A lot of us are on diazapam or antidpressants of some sort. The trouble is that 'C' word comes up in connectio with Barretts but bear in mind we are the lucky ones withit who have been diagnosed so are being monitored . Also there is now a lot of research into Barrett's going on in Cambridge & London and elsewher around the world, than there was even a year ago. They have found some new treatments even since I've been diagnosed in 2000.   
When I go to my consultant I take a list of questions I've just started typeing the nxt lot for when I go for my next gastroscopie on 31st this mth. He's always very plesant about it and gives me straight answers.
Also my GP a women is very good to talk to a women to women is best as probably a man to man for the men is. So don't put up with how you feel and make yrself feel worse go to yr GP.   
I suggest you look at the recent messages on the forum from Ronmac ,Suzy, Pyqmalion, & Ralph, they'll give you a giggle they like a new breath of fresh air!.
Remember we're here to support each other.  
Unlike you I do not have young children but 3 smashing grand children. 1 lives the other side of the country so only occassionaly see her she's 18 & into boys!! The other 2 are 8 & 3 and live near so we see a lot of them. The boys a scamp and into every thing. It's I'm Sorticus at the moment - he's got all the outfit etc (had them for Christmas ) The only thing is he thinks he can climb up every where and can he do the tumbles like sporticus!! Are yours into anything like this yet?
Keep going
All the best
Margaret (now you all know moggs real name!! )  

Posted By: DebbieEvo
Date Posted: 17áMará2009 at 9:11pm

Hi Margaret,

Thanks for your reply, good to know there are other anxious people out there! I too have just started taking anti-depressants - I rattle I pop that many pills!
Kids are into everything, Mia is 5 and Jamie 3, so it's pretty essential I get my energy back and start being a "fun mum" again, I feel sorry for them as I am so lethargic and have been for quite a while (low blood count I guess).
I think I will have a proper talk to my doc next time I go and hopefully get things sorted.
Bye for now

Posted By: Ozzy
Date Posted: 18áMará2009 at 1:42pm

Hi Debbie I`ve just found this website yesterday. It was interesting to read your story. I`m 37 years young  male and have always been slim and sporty. I have however suffered with indigestion since the age of 18. I was told i had Barretts 2 years ago when i went privately to have an endoscopy to check out my burning pains. The connection with the `c ` word really scared me because no consultant or doctor gave me the time to sit down and talk about it. Just told me not to worry which was easier said than done. I was told i would have a repeat endoscopy a year later which i had last year. Fortunately there was no change and i was told it would be another 3 years before the next check up which pleased me greatly.  Hope your feeling ok and able to stay possitive .


Posted By: chrisrob
Date Posted: 18áMará2009 at 2:02pm
Hi Debbie,

Elsewhere you may find I have written quite a bit about side effects of the PPIs. My GI nurse discussed the possibilities of osteoporosis because of calcium not being absorbed when I started "discovering" high levels of PPIs over time cause hypochlorhydria. And many of us have experienced anaemia due to the iron not being absorbed either.

I was interested to note you had a thyroid disorder as Suzy has had a similar problem - posted here: -

Haven't worked out if there is a connection though.

Hi Ozzy,

Glad you found us and are able to stay positive.

All the best,


Posted By: GreenEyedMarine
Date Posted: 19áMará2009 at 2:40am
Hey Debbie and Ozzy!  I just found this site as well.  What a relief to know that we can share experiances with this problem.
I am a 40 year old female that was diagnosed with BE just 6 months ago.  I immeadiately felt alone and scared.  I went through about 4 months of denial, but am back on the path to keep me healthy. 
I also have a 10 year old son and am a single parent.  It terrifies me to think of what could happen should I not be around. 
As far as the Calcium and Iron problems,  going to start taking calcium chews/iron supplements at lunch.  It is half way between my doses of PPIs and maybe I can catch some calcium and iron while the medicine is at it's lowest.
The connection with cancer scared the daylights out of me.  No doctor has taken the time to sit and talk with me about it, so tomorrow I am headed back to the GI doc for an appointment and I will have a list in hand to get what I need.  If I leave empty handed again, it's time to change docs.
I am going to inquire about why BE isn't treated right away.  I will let you know if the GI doc comes up with a good answer or not. 
Well, that's it for me..time for bed.  Welcome aboard and hope to hear from y'all soon..
p.s.  howdy Margret and Chris..thanks for being so open and posting on this site. I was afraid that it wasn't going to be that active, and boy, was I ever wrong.  What a wonderful tool to have in combating this problem! 

Posted By: lizthebob
Date Posted: 19áMará2009 at 11:23pm

Hi Debbie

Your story is very similar to mine. I was 36 when I was diagnosed and have just hit the big 40. For 6 months or so after diagnosis I thought life would never seem the same again. Now, to be honest I very rarely think of the Barretts. As my GP said when I was getting really scared about it, I'm statistically more likely to get breast cancer but I don't worry about that all the time. Sounded a bit harsh but did put things back into perspective.

I was diagnosed as extremely aneamic about 3 years ago and had loads of tests done. In the end it was put down to the PPI. I had to take high doses of iron day in and day out and it took nearly 2 years to bring my levels back up to normal although my iron stores are apparently still slightly low so I have to keep a close eye on it.

Things will get easier!

Posted By: GreenEyedMarine
Date Posted: 20áMará2009 at 1:11am


I have a question about the iron levels, how high of a dose did you take?  I am already close to being anemic, and now that I'm on PPIs twice a day I am worried it will get worse. 
and..of course, do you have any other hints of how to beat that problem. 
any and all assistance will be greatly appreciated.

Posted By: chrisrob
Date Posted: 20áMará2009 at 7:12am
Hi Liz,

I recommend you ask you doctor for a blood test to check full blood count and iron levels. He will then be able to prescribe iron at the right dose if you need it.
The iron I was taking was higher than you would normally buy over the counter. At the same time, too much iron is poisonous to the system.


Posted By: Ozzy
Date Posted: 20áMará2009 at 11:04am
Hi Chris thanks for the message of support. Found the site very helpful. I was looking for info. because i`ve started to get regular heartburn despite taking ZOTON once a day. Don`t seem to work as well as they use to. Decided to really watch what i eat and cut  alcohol right down ( not that i drink much any way ). I was offered the WRAP OP (FUNDU) when small segment of Barretts was first found but i turned it down. Now qestioning if i made the correct decision.

Posted By: chrisrob
Date Posted: 20áMará2009 at 11:45am
Hi Ozzy,

I was on PPIs for 15 years. Initially I was on smaller doses and latterly on maximum doses. I'd tried Ranitidine without success. Omeprazole, Pantoprazole and Lansoprazole I used at various times. All seemed much the same.
I did find I was able to get the balance right to stop the severe heartburn and bile reflux but other symptoms (particularly the reflux cough) were only suppressed on maximum dosage which then gives rise to side effects.

I was offered the fundo wrap in 1999 but then it would have been open surgery that sounded so horrific, I declined.
I have just had the laparoscopic fundoplication. It took 2 years from when I plucked up courage to ask my GP whether I could go for it to having it done.
So far. So good.

I had the operation on Monday and came home on Tuesday. I had read lots of posts of people who had the op - (warning there are a few horro stories here) and was wary about  what could go wrong and, if I'm honest, scared of the pain I might feel afterwards.

Of course it's early days. Just 4 days ago at this time I was under the knife, but so far everything seems great. Pain is hardly noticable - for a couple of days I used paracetamol. I haven't used any antacids. I can drink anything by having repeated small sips and eat "sloppy" food. I get full up almost immediately and a little discomfort wanting to burp and not quite managing it - but eventually a small amount works its way up and the pressure is relieved. I'm up and about and feeling fine. Will take a little while to get reallly fit again but so far I would recommend it to anybody.


Posted By: Ozzy
Date Posted: 20áMará2009 at 12:23pm
Chris good to hear the op went well for you. You must be really pleased.
My Doctor and family talked me out of the OP. Seem to have times when drugs don`t seem to work. I do believe that stress plays a big part though. When on holiday never suffer as i do when i`m working .

Posted By: lizthebob
Date Posted: 20áMará2009 at 6:49pm

Hi Michelle

I was on 3 x 300mg of ferrous gluconate a day. It took a while to get the type of iron and the dosage right for me. Even then it didn't do a lot of good for my bowels and my patient GP had to gently persuade me to keep taking them.

He also suggested taking them as far away in time fromt the PPIs and to take them with fresh orange juice. Unfortunately the juice gave me horrendous heartburn so had to give up on that one. Think the point was that the body is better at absorbing iron when it has vitamin C.
Wouldn't worry too much but it is certainly worth having regular blood checks done to keep an eye on it. I am currently just taking 300mg a day now to try and keep it ticking over.
Hope that helps

Posted By: DebbieEvo
Date Posted: 22áMará2009 at 12:42pm
Hi Everyone,
Thank you so much for all the replies, good to know that I am not alone - I feel better already! Interesting to hear about the calcium problem also, why do doctors not make you aware of these problems when they prescribe?!
Keep in touch

Posted By: Mark51
Date Posted: 28áMará2009 at 1:41pm
Hi Debbie and thank you,
My name is Mark from Manchester. I joined PROBE today and yours is the first posting I have looked hello!
I can really understand how you feel. I went to see my GP on the 14th of January, having experienced chest pains and having vomited the night before.
He got me in for an Endoscopy which showed that I had Severe Oesophagitis and a "bad case" of Barretts. I knew already that I had a Hiatus Hernia, having had this detected when I was about 30 (20years ago).
Since the hernia was first discovered I have been on varying doses of acid inhibiting drugs...which certainly got rid of the discomfort I had previously felt due to acid reflux.
In a nut shell I didnt have a clue what Barretts was. I went back on Wednesday last for a second which time the inflamation caused by the Oesophagitis had gone and so they could have a better look.
Having learned a little about Barretts. I asked a few questions prior to the tube going down.
I also explained that I had totally cut out alcohol and anything which seemed to upset my digestive system in any way. From the 14th of January my GP had increased my Lanzop dose from 30mg to 60mg per day (it only went up to 30mg last summer from 15 mgs). 
Anyway one of the questions I asked was what was the length the area effected by Barretts. I was told that It was 120mm..which I believe is a bad case.
I asked other questions about exploring the possibility of having and opp on the Hiatus Hernia etc to help deal with future acid reflux.
They took pictures of the Barretts area and above and showed them to me..explaining that the area above the Barretts (upto 200mm) was unusual and needed further investigation. They took samples and I am now waiting for the results when I visit my GP on the 9th of April. They also are referring me to a specialist.
I wanted to thank you for your posting and in particular what you said about feeling tired and unwell. I have felt the same despite living a very healthy lifestyle.
I have found that I get tired easily, so what you put about the medication maybe affecting iron absorption could explain some of that tiredness.
It will ceratinly prompt me to raise the question with my GP.
Also having read a little more now I am wondering if the continued (although reduced pain) that I feel in my chest  whilst eating could be due to Barretts Ulcers..who knows.
All the best Mark

Posted By: DebbieEvo
Date Posted: 28áMará2009 at 7:10pm

Hi Mark,

I'm not far from you over in not so sunny Liverpool!  I've done quite a lot of reading over the last few days regarding the possible side effects of PPI's and despite what the docs say I feel a lot of us Barretts sufferers, may be suffering more as a result of long term use of medication than the actual disease itself!
Next time I go to see my consultant I may enquire about other options although surgery terrifies me....then again... putting up with the way I feel much longer scares me even more. I indugled in a much needed bottle of beer last night (the first in a while) and felt dreadful this morning - I think my party days are well and truly over boo hoo!
Take care hopes all goes well

Posted By: DebbieEvo
Date Posted: 28áMará2009 at 7:18pm
Hi Michelle,
Good to hear from you - our stories seem very similar. Was interested to know what dose PPI'S you are on and for how long?
It's saturday night would love to be able to have a few glasses of wine and chill out like I used to - but no  such luck as I know I would suffer - are you still able to enjoy the odd tipple? I hope if and when I get my symptoms sorted life may get a little bit back to normal.
Time to sort the kids out (aged 3 and 5) so a big handful at the mo!
Best wishes

Posted By: GreenEyedMarine
Date Posted: 29áMará2009 at 12:22am

Hi Debbie!

I started taking Nexium (Eomprazole) 20mg twice a day, but noticed that my hands were tingling in the morning and acne on my face.  I just went back to Prilosec (Omeprazole) 20 mg twice a day to see if I notice a difference.  I was on the Prilosec since 2003, but was only "as needed."  I didn't start the twice a day dosage until last August, when I was diagnosed.
I've noticed that the meds we take in the U.S. are different from the U.K.  I wonder if they are the same thing, just different marketing?
I have a drink every now and then, however I also pay dearly after.  I've decided to stop all together it's just not worth the side effect.  Of course now that I have quit drinking and smoking I am at a loss of what to I took up yard work.  I also find myself keeping on top of the laundry (my son -10- asked if I could wait until after his shower before I snatch up his dirty clothes from the bathroom floor and start the wash) and other household chores.
My doctor told me that it's very rare to have a woman in her 40s with BE.  Normally it's men over 50, but I guess it's becoming more common place.
Wow..a 3 and 5 year old?  Sounds like a lot of work.  :D  However, being a yankee and all, please tell me what a "mo" is. 

Posted By: chrisrob
Date Posted: 29áMará2009 at 8:55am
Hi Mark,

Welcome and glad you found us.

It certainly sounds you're having a rough time of this. Hope you get to see a specialist soon and he sorts you out quickly.
120mm does sound a lot - about 4 times what is typical in acute cases.

The chest pain is difficult to pinpoint. I was sent for treadmill ECGs to ensure mine wasn't my heart (which I was relieved to find seemed quite healthy). Still don't know how much of that was due to reflux and how much due to PPI side effects.

I have written elsewhere in this forum on many occasions about adverse side effects of the medication. The higher the dose, the longer we're on them, the more we notice them. They were never originally intended to be used for periods more than a couple of months.
Hope you get the op soon, if that's what you want, and it is as successful as mine.

Debbie, I understand your fear of surgery. It stopped me when I was offered it first ten years ago. However, less than 2 weeks after my lap fundo I feel more alive than I have done for many years and realise there was nothing to be frightened of. I don't drink much but nothing is barred to me now. (Just can only manage short measures, taken slowly.)

Michelle, Most drugs in USA and UK have different brand names, however the drugs are the same: Omeprazole, Lansoprazole, Pantoprazole and Esomeprazole. (I believe there is also an Over-The-Counter version of omeprazole in the states of a lower strength? It'sonly available on prescription still over here.)

(And "mo" is short for moment. "At the mo" = now. Two nations divided by a single langauage indeed.)

Posted By: chrisrob
Date Posted: 29áMará2009 at 9:07am
Not wishing to be alarmist, but just found this item discussing the over use of PPI drugs: -
which supports everything I've been saying.

However, read it with caution. It is actually advertising material attempting to sell natural remedies. Whereas it is tempting to think we can all get rid of our problems by changing our lifestyle and eating healthily, we know it can be more than that.
The healthiest diet cannot repair a hiatus hernia.

Posted By: DerekL
Date Posted: 29áMará2009 at 12:43pm
Hi Chris

Re yours 8.55am to-day.Being away from home the other day and having for gotten I was having problems so went to the local Boots is search of  some Rs or Gs and spoke to the dispenser who suggested Omeprazole 10mg tablets.I was quite surprised that they were sold over the counter and even more surprised when I had to pay just under ú8.00 for 10 tablets.Being over 60 no longer pay for medication....will remember to pack my PPIs next time.

Hope to meet some of you on 24th April in London.

Bset wishes Derek

Posted By: chrisrob
Date Posted: 29áMará2009 at 1:28pm
That's good, Derek. I must have missed that bit of information. Mind you it would be expensive is, as I was, you are on 80mg a day.
I don't pay for meds, either (being over 60 myself) but am now totally off PPIs, domperidone, colofac and iron.

See you on 24th April.


Posted By: DebbieEvo
Date Posted: 29áMará2009 at 5:22pm
Hi Chris,
Thanks for the translation!
I'm glad to hear your op was so successful, when I did query this with my doc he just said it wouldn't help me - not exactly sure why? You must be so relieved to finally feel well again.
You are a bottom- less pit of information - keep it going!
Best wishes

Posted By: GreenEyedMarine
Date Posted: 29áMará2009 at 6:37pm

Chris, thanks for the translation.  It helps that y'all are tolerant of the communication gap across the pond.

I went back to prilosec (omparezole) last night at 20mg per dose twice a day.  The numbness in my hands went away as of this morning, so I'm going to switch off the nexium (eomparzole).

Posted By: Suzy
Date Posted: 30áMará2009 at 3:52pm
There seems to be quite a few newbies lately, so welcome everyone.  I just want to offer a little encouragement to all of you.  No one told me things could get better and it would have been a lot less distressing for me at the time if they had.  In Oct. 2008 I was told I had Barrett's, 12cm grade C oesophagitis, anaemia and a multi nodular goitre in my thyroid. I was put on 3 iron tablets a day, and 20mg omeprazole twice a day.  I was exhausted at the time and couldn't eat much. I abandoned trying to eat normally and lived on home-made soup of every description and no fat yoghurts for a few months and drank nothing but water.  Had 'top' and 'tail' scopes done again in Dec. 2008 and in only two months the oesophagitis was down to just 2cm and my Barrett'd cells seem to be regressing.  It's now six months on and I can eat almost normally, although now have a complete intolerance to meat.I'm down to 1 iron tablet a day and am gradually getting energy levels back.  So hopefully you too will begin to feel better as the drugs begin to work. 
I was inerested to see you have thyroid problems Debbie.  Have you asked if this is
at all related to your other problems?  My thyroid functions properly but I now have three
growths in it  that they tell me are nothing to do with the other problems it was just a
coincidence they appeared at the same time as the Barrett's.  I can't prove otherwise
but feel the two are somehow connected.  They are reluctant to remove my thyroid as
it is functioning properly.  They've decided to just monitor this for a while but it has caused extra pressure in my neck, glands and head generally.Feels like I'm being choked.  Recently had a haemorrage in my eye and again I think this has something to do with the extra pressure but am told "it's just a coincidence".  Hmm..... I'm not so sure. 
All the best to everyone - keep smiling   Smile

Posted By: chrisrob
Date Posted: 01áAprá2009 at 8:46am
Hi Suzy,

That is really good news and hopeful encouragement to us all.
Hope you will now go from strength to strength and your other problems can be sorted.

All the best

Posted By: Moggs
Date Posted: 02áAprá2009 at 6:23pm
Hi Chris
    Agree only small doses of alcohol !  I normally only have one or 2 glasses of wine - depending on strength
    or one liquer but last night I went a bit mad!! The wine, a beautiful Merlot , had at least 3 glasses this
    took  my inhibitions away and I followed it with 2 Amerettos!!  (Can't even spell it this morning!!)
   They were nice going down but URGG coming back up with my dinner. I thought I'd best not take my 
   sleeping pill/diazapam after that lot either;  so felt a bit low this morning. Still only my self to blame that's 
   taught me a lesson till next time!!
   Feel better now & it was 1st time in nearly 9 years I'd drunk that much so I can be forgiven & hope my 
    stomach forgives me too !!!.

Posted By: Cinders
Date Posted: 05áAprá2009 at 7:33pm
I was diagnosed almost 9 years ago, just after my father died I inherited some money and since the local NHS Dr said another endescope was not financially viable by the local authority I paid to have one done privately, as I was sure my long time problem with indegestion was becoming very difficult to live with.  The Losec I was given at that time helped a lot, but was costly to my G P and so they were reluctant to repeat the prescription regularly.
The downside to having the procedure done privately was that the Dr phoned ten days or so afterwards at nine in the evening when I was alone, sitting in front of the TV and he informed me I had Barretts!!! I was very shocked, and upset.  My only meeting with a consultant took place two weeks after my mother died, exactly nine months after my father, and since I had fallen down stairs at my mothers funeral, I was in a wheelchair at the time, and an emotional wreck.  His bedside manner was terrible, and since I was unable to walk at the time, I had been reading too much on the internet, he became quite rude, and informed me that I probably knew more about the condition than he did.
I have had three yearly endospocies since then, with vague reports from my GP that it is getting consultation with a consultant, and I was resigned to the fact that I would be lucky to reach 60!!! Then I saw the HALO procedure on line and came across this blog........I have been so elated at this, you have all given me so much hope that I might live to see my 5 grandchildren grow up after all......thank you all!!!!!

Posted By: chrisrob
Date Posted: 06áAprá2009 at 8:51am
Hello Cinders,

Sounds as if you've had a very rough time one way and another and I'm glad you've found us now.


I thought the NICE guidelines were intended to overcome the postcode lottery.
I know Losec (omeprazole) and other PPIs can be expensive but most medicines are and it's no excuse for you not to have them.
I know some years ago my GP at the time was called to account by his practice manager over the "excessive" rate of prescribing of PPIs for me. He tried me on a lower dose for a while but soon proved he was right and the practice accepted I needed them.
My present GP (a new practice since I moved a few years ago) was quite happy to increase my dose to the maximum (even though it raised some questions at the pharmacy).

Are there other GPs at your practice you could have an appointment with that may have a better knowledge of reflux disorders? I know, with so much to learn, doctors cannot be experts in everything, but with such a high proportion of the population experiencing reflux problems, they need to at least gain some familiarity.
You should ask your GP if you can have a referal to see a GI specialist.
Alternatively, could you pay for a private consultation with another specialist.

Barrett's is defeinitely not a death sentence: it is only a small proportion that will go on to develop cancer. Regular screening should find mucosal dysplastic changes before it reached that point and ablative therapy should be offered to remove that risk.

Do you remember what you were told about the state of your Barrett's following your last gastroscopy? How long ago was it? If it was more than 3 years ago, badger your GP to send you for another. Hopefully, you are still on omeprazole (or another PPI)? If not, why not and if so how much and is it keeping the symptoms under control?

I don't know how old you are now (and wouldn't presume to ask a lady her age) but, other factors aside, there should be no reason why you shouldn't live to see your grandchildren grow up.

Please ask us any questions you have. We may not know the answer but there are a number of us who have been through similar experiences who can tell you how they have coped.

All the best


Posted By: Cinders
Date Posted: 06áAprá2009 at 11:00pm
Dear Chrisrob, thank you so mu,ch for your reply.
I live at the end of a peninsula, so have no choice of
doctor, but they now realise the full dosage of drugs
is in order, so no more problems there. The hospital
where I have the examinations is 90 miles away, and
I had the last one five weeks ago.  I was told over the
phone that it was not cancerous, but I have now decided
to make another appointment with the GP and ask for
more details.
I am 58 years old and six months ago realised that it is
up to me to sort out my health, and have lost a stone in
weight, and go to a ladies gym 20 miles away at least once
a week, so I do feel fitter than I have in years, and my
indegestion is more controlled also.
Thanks again for your prompt reply
I am so delighted that I have found this site,
great to be able to learn for other people in the same boat!!!
A much happier, Cinders!!!

Posted By: Moggs
Date Posted: 09áAprá2009 at 10:44am
 Hi Cinders
Sorry to hear you had so much problem with your diagnoses etc. Shocked Angry
I went private and my consultant could not have been any better he was terrific - saw me before the gastroscopy and came to see me in the bed about 2 hrs later to tell me what he'd found then made an appointment there and then for a mth's time so he could expalin it better to me when I was not still partially under the effects of sedation and also when he had the biopsies back. I went private for 3 years for my follow ups - I needed them at 6 mth intervals then 1 year then 2years. After the 2yr one it was the consultants suggestion that I went to have future ones under the NHS 9Still with him) as our local hospital has a very good endoscopy dept which he set up and is expanding. Unfortunately I did not have him 2yrs ago or the one I had last week as he had emergencies come in but I was done under the other consultant who works in the dept with him him and he was good too. My own consutant though advised me as to results. I noticed at the NHS he was just as plesant to all the other patients too and this rubbed off on the nurses and all other staff in the dept - they are a kind cheerful team and nothing is too much for them.
When I went last week I typed out some questions I had (A4 Paper size!) I said I did not expect answers there an then as I knew they could not do this when doing endoscopies but perhaps they could sned me them when he  advised me of the results of biopsies. I was told better than write they would make appointment once they were through for me to see my consultant himself and if I had any more queries to put them down too.
So what I'm saying Cinders is push gently and friendly and you may get somewhere. Let them know you are are worried and that effects you too and that you'd like him too tell you more of your condition!! My hubby always comes in with me too so if I miss anything there's 2 of us to remember it all!  
Also let him know you are into this support site (and that it's also a charity to research into Barretts under the Digestive Association) that also helped as they then know you are serious in finding out more and controlling your symptoms.My consultant knew of the site but  the senior patient support nurse did not so asked if I could let her have details (I'd taken some with me i.e copy of Barretts Oesophical Foundation  front pages showing where  to click onto Probe site ) she's going to see if she can get permision to let other patients with Barretts know of site .
Also I am shocked regarding your consultants reaction to your presribed medication - I think most of us have been told we are on the anti acids for life or untill somethibg is available to remove the barretts for good. Also a lot of us are on Diazpam to control our anxiety which can otherwise cause more acid to be produced in your stomach.
Have a talk with your GP too If poss back a double appointment so you can discuss your worries with her/him in more detail he may help with the consultant too!.
All the best & gald you found us. LOL

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