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Newbie needs advice

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Topic: Newbie needs advice
Posted By: Mandy
Subject: Newbie needs advice
Date Posted: 13 Feb 2017 at 1:08pm
I am so thankful to have found this group. My story I am a 57 year old and after a bout of Norovirus in November I felt increasingly weak and after struggling through Christmas I went to the GP on 3rd Jan and was sent for blood tests, later that day I was admitted to hospital for a blood transfusion as I was chronically anaemic. With no obvious bleeding I was scheduled for an urgent endoscopy and colonoscopy after much chasing they were finally done and the colonoscopy was completely normal. The endoscopy results were as follows
BE Prague C6M6
HH Sliding 10cm and paraoesophageal length 10cm
Oesophagus - Barrett's mucosa and hiatus hernia
Stomach and duodenum normal
Comments:- Large sliding/rolling hiatus hernia with half the stomach above diaphragm. There were a few cameron ulcers at the hiatus and inflammed barretts with some ulceration, hence no biopsies taken. D2 biopsies taken x4. Suggest PPI longterm, rescope on PPI for barretts biopsies.

I should say I had acid reflux 8/10 years ago and learnt to avoid eating late at night and no recent symptoms. I am overweight thankfully I have already lost 2 and half stone in the last 5 months before knowing about the HH so my BMI is 31.9 I realise I need to continue to lose some more.

I was unable to see my normal GP for a month so took pot luck and the GP I saw said the HH was a non diagnosis, that she didn't think this was the cause of the anaemia, knew nothing about barretts and guessed the dosage for omeprazole and congratulated me on not having cancer.

Having been reading posts on the forum I am not happy about her opinion. Am I right that it is more serious than she would seem to suggest I am on 40g of Omeprazole and I hope that is enough so that when they rescope they are able to take the necessary biopsies so that I know that it is definitely barretts and whether there are any cell changes. Just hoping now that I get an appointment with a consultant so that I can have a few questions answered.

Any advice other than lose weight smaller meals etc. I don't smoke and rarely drink.

This has all come as a bit of a shock with no acid refux symptoms.

Posted By: chrisrob
Date Posted: 13 Feb 2017 at 4:10pm
Hi Mandy and welcome to the forum.

You have been identified as having 6 cm of Barrett's (abbreviated on your report as BE). The Prague classification uses c and m to show the size of the lesion, c being the cicumferential collar and m the maximum length of any tongues.

The more worrying bit is your Hiatus Hernia. Whereas sliding HH is fairly common, rolling (paraoesophageal) is rarer and can needs t be taken seriously - usually requiring surgery.

(The sliding HH is on the left, the rolling HH on the right.)
It seems you have both sorts of HH and 10cm is quite large.
I would think surgery was a recommendation. Your stomach needs to be repositioned in your abdomen and kept there - but they may ask you to lose weight first.

Although the HH is a cause for concern, it is probably not the cause of the anaemia which will be due to the cameron lesions - linear ulcers across the oesophago-gastric junction that will be causing blood loss.
40mg omperazole is a normal high dose that will reduce your acid and give the ulcers time to heal - which can take upto 2 or 3 weeks.

It sounds like you're doing the right lifestyle things. Just keep at it.

Meanwhile, you may find the - Down With Acid book a useful read. (Perhaps your doctor needs a copy!)

All the best

------------- -

Posted By: jcombs99
Date Posted: 13 Feb 2017 at 5:20pm
    Like the doctor stated ur VERY lucky U don't have cancer . U have "Silent Reflux " like I have which means U don't feel the burn .Stay on the 40mg which is a large dose but isn't a huge dose for 10cm HH . I'm on the SAME DOSE with a 3 to 4cm HH and I had HGD one step below cancer.Lose weight watch what U do and get the next EGD maybe 60 to 90 days which they will take biopsies(a zillion)hopefully ur O will not be bloody RED this time so they can see where to take them . That's the key here what damage has been done (NDBO,LGD,HGD) and how to fix it . They know how to fix ur 10cm HH a Fundo . That Norovirus is Nasty and it can wreck a Fundo yours just made ur condition worse .Which was a good thing in ur case YOU THEN WENT TO THE DOCTOR !!
Do ur homework (book) and get ready for the Scope (EGD)..


HGD.FUNDO,5 RFA's (Halo's)

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