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Quote jcombs99 Replybullet Posted: 10áJulá2012 at 1:37pm
Get a copy of all your tests and reports (C-T disc) from day one.Throw out the unimportant ones and put them in book form with a cover sheet stating the date,test or office trip .I had a floor of a room with my tests laid out . I made 5 copies of each and would take a copy to a new doctor because if the tests get lost on the way to him you wasted a trip .Make it easy for him to spend time with you not looking in a load of paper work ..
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Quote Sandra W Replybullet Posted: 10áJulá2012 at 4:56pm
Hi PJ and Jeff,
Thanks for your replies.  Fortunately, I have now received a copy of the biopsy report and an appointment to see the consultant in clinic on 24 July.
I have kept copies of all the reports going back to the onset of the symptoms, and I am really looking forward to the clinic appointment because I have a lot of questions.  In particular, I want to ask about the inlet patch.
For several years, as well as a chronic sore throat & painful swallowing I have had intermittent attacks of sudden, sharp pain very low down in throat / upper oes.  These happen without warning and for no apparent reason - it feels like there is a very hard, sharp object stuck there.  This gets worse when I try to swallow and it's not long before I feel sick.  When I eventually vomit, there is quite a bit of blood and my throat is very painful for up to a week afterwards.  The attacks started in 2007 and, since then, have increased in frequency - I had 5 attacks in 2011 and have had 3 already since end Dec / early Jan this year, the most recent last Friday.
Considering that the pH tests I had in 2008 and 2011 were both reported as normal and the fact that the biopsy report from the HALO (done from 21 cm) follow-up states that some of the NEW cells (22-24 cm) are already inflamed, I have decided to ask the consultant if he will agree to check out my inlet patch at the next scope to see if it is making acid.  If he agrees to do this and finds that there is an acid problem, I will ask if I can have it removed with HALO. 
The good news about the recent scope is that the HALO seems to have got rid of the squamous cell dysplasia, although I don't think it would be wise to get my hopes up too much yet - just in case!!!  However, I'm looking forward to finding out the results of the next scope. I'll let you know what happens but it will be a while before there are any results because the next scope will be in September.
Hope all is well with you.
Best wishes,

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