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Quote refluxvictim Replybullet Topic: I am so alone in this GERD and i feel suicidal
    Posted: 18 Jun 2010 at 9:19pm
my family dont understand i have chronic GERD that is with me all day long.
i take two PPIS per day, and yet my reflux is so bad.
my reflux is a type of reflux that shows my LES is not functioning.
it is not as a result of gastritis.
however, when i have fruits, my reflux is worse, as the liquids in fruits plus the HCL acids combine, and reflux up to my TONGUE. my tongue /teeth hurt me, and my jaw clenches from the acids.
I sleep in a sitting position, and I got used to that.
I take 2 ppis per day.
SOMETIMES, i take reine and zantac but not much...these dont work on my defective LES.
i have had GERD for 2 years now.
in 2 years, I have not had a DAY without GERD.
the worst part of GERD is having acids inside my breathing area, my nose, and my lungs. MY mom thinks I am a liar, because when I did my ENDOSCOPIES , THE GERD showed, but no barrets esophagus yet. so she assumes since there is no BARRETS as yet, then i am just FINE....when i am in pain, she mocks me.
but she is battling too, she has her health problems, and my dad has leukemia-cancer.
i am so alone and so young, at 26 years, i have no one to hold on to. I am single because GERD pain is all along my day, so i barely want to have a bf, also, i tried having a bf but i would have reflux-gerd pains, and i wouldnt be in the mood to go out , and he is much healthier, and was always in the mood to have an active life, so i let him go...
i wish i had someone to talk to...some help. i have done all my tests. i still need to have my pancreas checked, because it hurts sometimes. i have removed my gall bladder at the age of 22, by the way. and i also have a little bile reflux.
i have no hpylori. my lower esophag-sphincter just doesnt work.
i'd like to die.
suicide is wonderful.
i cry alot and i am tired of self-pity.
i was always a successful human being until my LES was ruined when i had bile reflux and was throwing up all my food. when the bile reflux stopped or was reduced, now i am left with chronic defective les, chronic GERD.
i wish someone would help me...
thankyou all
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Quote jcombs99 Replybullet Posted: 18 Jun 2010 at 10:31pm
   If the pills and diet don't stop the burn what did the doctor say about a FUNDO ???????? How about a second or tenth opinion from more doctors or private....

Take care of yourself the best you can

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Quote chrisrob Replybullet Posted: 18 Jun 2010 at 10:36pm
Hello again, refluxvictim,

I do sympathise with your pain. You don't need to have Barrett's to experience pain. Indeed, the oesophagitis is very painful whilst the Barrett's itself is painless.

If you've sorted out the lifestyle changes (no smoking, cut down alcohol, lose weight if necessary ...) you do need to keep talking ato your GP about the constant burning pain. You may need your meds increased or try different ones.
It can be very miserable - many of us have been through it, many others still do. I know how fortunate I am, I well remember the misery of the "blowtorch down the throat" and the mouthful of bile at 3:00am.
Stick with it. It will get better.
We're rooting for you.
All the best,
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Quote LazyLout Replybullet Posted: 19 Jun 2010 at 4:54pm
Hi refluxvictim,

So sorry to learn that you are so low because of what you are suffering. Do act on the sound advice already given above and hopefully you will make progress.

My fingers are crossed for you.


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Quote refluxvictim Replybullet Posted: 19 Jun 2010 at 8:51pm
Thankyou so much for all your support. I am grateful. I felt better by just reading the posts. I am planning to check more doctors, and maybe review the fundoplication surgery.
I am trying to be positive about life, but it's really tough just breathing the HCL. It feels like diesel inside my nose/lungs/larynx/pharynx. I get dizzy and itchy when i start to feel the HCL or the bile in my breathing area...or my throat. does anyone feel as dysfunctional , tired, dizzy and itchy when the HCL is up there in the breathing , ear, nose , mouth and jaw area? it's a very very weird suffocating
I have been diagnosed with a  VERY defective LES although i am very slim; this dysfunctional LES causes chronic Gerd. I am also diagnosed with a little bile reflux due to removal of gall bladder surgey few years back. Thus, my esophagus is being splashed with acids and bile.
I have discovered some  tricks, that i'd like to share, which is to eat  raw vegetables/nonacidic fruits so when there is reflux (which I usually have even when I am on on the PPIS) that the acids are actually mixed with the juices of the vegetables/fruits so the burns on the esophagus are less painful than when mixed with high fat foods. another trick is to find vegetables with calcium because calcium has helped my  LES sometimes feel a little better. i'm also drinking water using a straw because drinking water using a bottle means the water go down all at once on an already weak LES, which is a bad idea.
I know If i dont do the fundoplication surgery that I will have reflux forever, and everyday will be like today and yesterday, fighting reflux.
I am scared that in 10 years time when i am 36, that i will have the reflux back even after I have done the fundoplication surgery. and that i will have to keep repeating it, and the success rate may decrease....i know you all may have heard this story from many GERD sufferers.
thanks alot again...
i hope you are doing much better than i am...
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Quote Chris_H Replybullet Posted: 12 Aug 2010 at 12:28pm
Hi there,
I'm very new to this forum, but read lots of the openly available information (moderators - it's extremely useful to let us view posts without having to register, please keep this).
I came back to this forum as I'm recently recovering from a fundoplication and was touched by the original message at the top of this thread.  I didn't want to post about how wonderful it is/works as I'm fully aware it isn't a solution for everyone.  I also want to be sensitive to people who are currently suffering - I'm aware of debilitating effects.
It looks like a lot of people here know what you're experiencing, and I can assure you I have felt all the same things as you.  Certainly, the symptom of "not wanting to move" starts off as a minor irritation until you realise how much it affects your life.
I'm quite young, only 29, and know that the surgery may have to be repeated.  But the trade-off, if surgery is successful, will transform your quality of life.
One final thing I tried was taking domperidone in conjunction with my omeprazole and that eased the symptoms whilst waiting for surgery.  Again, not suitable for everyone and I was warned by my doctor that it's not a long-term medication.
To refluxvictim, take heart that there are people who know what you're experiencing and there are solutions to it.  I understand how it makes you feel, and fully appreciate the pyschological impact it can have.
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