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Quote nasdaq Replybullet Topic: Gaining Weight - Help
    Posted: 30 Jan 2019 at 8:03pm
Hello my friends, 8 months after the diagnose - Short Barrett- I was really in shock and lost about 5-6kg of my "normal" weight. I ´m 43 and now have about 71kg - 179cm and not strong build - > BMI about 22.
I belive that I developed barrett because in my student time I drunk and eat a lot before going to bed - I sometimes noticed the reflux during sleep with coughing - that was the only problem I had with this topic.

A lot of people ask me - are you ill - it seams you lost wheigt ?!
THIS is not really enjoyable.

I never had stomach problems or heartburn - before and after the diagnosis with 20mg ppi. Only a 3 months cough which startet at the beginning last year - but this symptom disapears over the last months (sometimes a very lightly problem with breathing in - but my lung functions are normal and I can do my sports (cardio and weight) without any problems).

I try to do more and more intermittent fasting (14:10) and not to eat after 5 pm. I start the day with an extensive breakfast, a light lunch and do dinner canceling. Between the meels I eat some healthy snacks. I try to avoid bad fats and eat a lot of rice, potatoes, veggies, fruits. Fish and chicken too with low amount of red meat.
Not to forget that I do 2 times a week cardio training (do this before my diagnoses too) and 2 times muscle training (doing this I always be aware that I breath normaly during my exercises).

My wish is going back to my normal weight but I cannot do this with my actual eating behavour. If I break this system I always feel completely guilty - not caring my barrett -
MY vicious circle.

I write those words while I ´m sitting in a hotel and see all the people eating their meals - I have hunger... I want to eat a steak!!!

Does anybody have the same problems or can help me to find a solution.
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Quote MarieDay Replybullet Posted: 30 Jan 2019 at 8:55pm
I have lost a ton of weight as well. Cutting out so many foods (which has not even decreased my GERD) I don't know how I'll gain the weight back.
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Quote henge Replybullet Posted: 17 Dec 2019 at 3:39pm
I am the same as you I lost loads of weight from this barretts I was always around 16 st and fit im 13 st now I do a lot of cycling though since I got diagnosed and gym work outs now and again I really and truly believe it anxiety that's constantly in the brain and paranioa from thinking of what you are eating and being conscious of it on a plus side I look good now apart from looking a bit thin in the face im 63 yrs old but don't look it so its helped me that way try and not think about it as it just builds up more anxiety good luck
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