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Quote Jane Replybullet Topic: Anyone else not know why they reflux?
    Posted: 29†May†2018 at 8:41am

Iíve had GERD for 18 mths now and have just been diagnosed with 1cm Barretts........Iím ok with the diagnosis but just need the reflux to stop as its taking over my life......

Ive tried everything, gluten free, dairy free, every cook book going etc and am about to give up work for a year to see if that does any good!!!!

Iíve taken every pill going and while it stops teh acid it definitely doesnít control the nausea or the pain!

Has anyone tried the fast tract diet with any success ? Iím honestly at my wits end, the tablets donít work, the diet doesnít work and its now only the surgeical option but my Dr in Singapore says the reflux and the Barrettís not bad enough for that!

Many thanks everyone .....I appreciate any feedback / advice you can give me ........I am really struggling with this!!!

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Quote chrisrob Replybullet Posted: 29†May†2018 at 9:39am
Hi Jane and welcome to the forum.

Sorry to hear of your reflux problems which have contributed to the development of some Barrett's cells to help protect your body.

Firstly, foods and diet will not actually help. Unless you discover a particular food that is a trigger for you, forget the good and bad foods "advice" and don't waste money on diet fads.
How we eat is more important than what we eat as far as reflux goes.
(See the Food section of the DownWith Acid encycloaedia.)

There are two major components to acid reflux: acid and reflux. Medication (particularly PPIs like omeprazole) will reduce the acid but not the reflux - they just make it less erosive. (See this study: Prevalence of Extra-Oesophageal Reflux symptoms amongst acid refluxers and perceived efficacy of regular medication and reflux reduction intervention.)

Down With Acid ( is a useful free encyclopaedia that explains nearly everything you may wish to know about acid, reflux, complications and management but control of reflux is the hardest. You need to follow the lifestyle advice as described in this chapter. Only if that doesn't work, you can consider surgical options.

I can sympathise. I lived my life with reflux, though not realising that was what it was, with incidents remembered from before I was five years old. It was only when I was in my late 40's, 23 years ago, I learned what it was. I eventually had a fundoplication; for me, it was the best thing I ever did.
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