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Quote Moggs Replybullet Posted: 09 Apr 2009 at 10:44am
 Hi Cinders
Sorry to hear you had so much problem with your diagnoses etc. Shocked Angry
I went private and my consultant could not have been any better he was terrific - saw me before the gastroscopy and came to see me in the bed about 2 hrs later to tell me what he'd found then made an appointment there and then for a mth's time so he could expalin it better to me when I was not still partially under the effects of sedation and also when he had the biopsies back. I went private for 3 years for my follow ups - I needed them at 6 mth intervals then 1 year then 2years. After the 2yr one it was the consultants suggestion that I went to have future ones under the NHS 9Still with him) as our local hospital has a very good endoscopy dept which he set up and is expanding. Unfortunately I did not have him 2yrs ago or the one I had last week as he had emergencies come in but I was done under the other consultant who works in the dept with him him and he was good too. My own consutant though advised me as to results. I noticed at the NHS he was just as plesant to all the other patients too and this rubbed off on the nurses and all other staff in the dept - they are a kind cheerful team and nothing is too much for them.
When I went last week I typed out some questions I had (A4 Paper size!) I said I did not expect answers there an then as I knew they could not do this when doing endoscopies but perhaps they could sned me them when he  advised me of the results of biopsies. I was told better than write they would make appointment once they were through for me to see my consultant himself and if I had any more queries to put them down too.
So what I'm saying Cinders is push gently and friendly and you may get somewhere. Let them know you are are worried and that effects you too and that you'd like him too tell you more of your condition!! My hubby always comes in with me too so if I miss anything there's 2 of us to remember it all!  
Also let him know you are into this support site (and that it's also a charity to research into Barretts under the Digestive Association) that also helped as they then know you are serious in finding out more and controlling your symptoms.My consultant knew of the site but  the senior patient support nurse did not so asked if I could let her have details (I'd taken some with me i.e copy of Barretts Oesophical Foundation  front pages showing where  to click onto Probe site ) she's going to see if she can get permision to let other patients with Barretts know of site .
Also I am shocked regarding your consultants reaction to your presribed medication - I think most of us have been told we are on the anti acids for life or untill somethibg is available to remove the barretts for good. Also a lot of us are on Diazpam to control our anxiety which can otherwise cause more acid to be produced in your stomach.
Have a talk with your GP too If poss back a double appointment so you can discuss your worries with her/him in more detail he may help with the consultant too!.
All the best & gald you found us. LOL
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