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Quote jcombs99 Replybullet Posted: 16áJuná2017 at 3:07pm
   U were awake because they did a Piss Poor Job .I woke up on the first EGD so they stopped it and I had to come back $$$$ . NEVER EVER happened again(32)or it would be FREE .Fool the others told me about the first one .

By the way my Doctor has NEVER RELEASED a person with Barretts that's why they don't show up with Stage 4 CANCER years later .


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Quote Rogre Replybullet Posted: 16áJuná2017 at 3:13pm
Originally posted by steveb8189

For my first scope I had to go back into work afterwards so was concerned about the lingering tiredness - my hospital won't let you home without either putting you in a taxi or someone collecting you. I can remember thinking "ok, great, I'll be able to watch what goes on and have a look at the pictures on the screen in real time - it will be very interesting"... Without sedation as you know it's not a great experience but very manageable. That said, of course I didn't watch the screen, I closed my eyes for the whole thing as watching the endoscope going in seemed to make me gag.

The sedation was a strange experience and I think varies from person to person. My personal experience was as follows.

Wheeled into room
Quick chat with the consultant
IV into arm
Spray in throat
Push drugs (will look up which)
See endoscope going in and getting told to swallow
Kind of feel it in my mouth
<<<<absolutely nothing whatsoever>>>>
See consultant who is having a brief word with me
Imagine he's just about to put the scope in...
Get wheeled out of the room back to recovery

For me, I can fully remember what was said after he took out the endoscope, actually felt like I had a nice rest and was very fresh and ready to go home 30 minutes later feeling brighter than when I got to the hospital.

The strange thing is that you are actually awake the whole time which I struggle to get my head around given I have no recollection of what happened!

Ask for other people's opinions too as I think most people react differently. It may be to do with the dosage of sedation as the anesthetist can vary what they give you. I will certainly take along the details of what they used last time for future reference - it's all documented on the report.

That's really useful information and I'm grateful for the share. It would be useful if others would also share their experience of sedation to compare. When I'm due to have my next (hopefully in the far future) I'll bear this in mind.
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Quote Sandra W Replybullet Posted: 27áSepá2017 at 2:38pm
Love the "absolutely nothing whatsoever" bit.  Same here.  I get 3 or 4mg Midazolam and 100mcg Fentanyl and never remember a thing until I wake up.  Works every time for me, and for that I am truly thankful! LOL!

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Quote steveb8189 Replybullet Posted: 27áSepá2017 at 6:02pm
Had another scope last week with the same drugs. Again, remember pretty much nothing except when they took the scope out and I wretched a little. It's strange because immediately afterwards I thought I remembered everything but then the more and more I thought about it the less and less I remembered until I realised I only remember about 10 seconds worth!

Strange, strange drugs!
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