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Quote fdstephen Replybullet Topic: tips to aid sleeping for people with Barrett's
    Posted: 12†Sep†2015 at 5:34pm
Hi I have viewed this support forum over the last year or so but this is the first time i have posted a topic.
I am a 51 year old female living in leicestershire, uk and was diagnosed just over 2 years ago with small segment of Barrett's oesophagus after suffering with heartburn for a few years.
I am currently taking up to 40mg of Esomeprazole daily (also use Gaviscon sometimes) due to having recurring acid? at the back of my throat(small amount of white frothy substance on clearing my throat - hope this is not too descriptive).My throat/gullet sometimes feels like it has been sprayed with pepper and i feel that it can give me a bad taste at the back of my mouth. I recently had my 2 year surveillance gastroscopy and am awaiting for follow up appointment with LRI OPD. Has anyone any advice to help minimize having acid in gullet most mornings.I have recently read one post on here that recommends sleeping on left side. What is the rationale behind sleeping on this side? Also does anyone have any advice on whether or not i can buy something to raise the head of my bed (my bed has gliders underneath) and if so where i can purchase the item.
I am also looking forward to purchasing the book that Chris Rob is currently completing and find his posts very helpful. It is nice to get the views of people with Barrett's and not just clinicians views that don't know how it feels to have the condition. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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Quote chrisrob Replybullet Posted: 13†Sep†2015 at 3:02pm
Hi Fiona and welcome to the forum.

The phlegm at the back of your throat is produced because of irritation to your throat by reflux. Unfortunately the acid suppressants won't control that.
The best sleeping position is on your left and with your head raised so that gravity helps remaining stomach contents stay there.
I am not promoting the device but the diagram advertising the MedCline device illustrates why pretty well.
As for bed raisers, I use something similar to these which will work with casters but I don't know what your bed gilders are like.
(Obviously you only need 2. I have 2 spares sitting in the loft if you were nearer to Southampton.)
I'm assuming you're also following the advice not to eat late: allow at least 3 hours between your last meal and going to bed.

Regards the Down with Acid book. Just 3 more pages to go. I'd hoped to have finished this last Friday. The latest version (alpha 5) is downloadable at the foot of this page. I have a number of friends and patients proof reading it at present (I know there are changes needed) and gastroenterologist friends and colleagues checking accuracy.
I am also attempting to find a publisher to produce it at less than £5 per copy and am applying for a grant to pay for the first 500 to be printed. (The book is to be available at cost price with monies collected from first 500 copies paying for the next print run.) I will produce a few copies myself initially, too, as soon as it's ready - though mine will be spiral comb bound rather than the normal glued spine of the paperback.

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